Cara Berken Wedding:

Laura Luedeke Harer was a fantastic part of our wedding. She was professional, enthusiastic, and creative during the planning process.  Laura suggested that we end our ceremony with the song "What a Wonderful World."  What a great way to end-- something I'd never have considered.  I can still hear Laura's beautiful voice.  Since then, I've had countless friends tell me that they always remember that part of our wedding.  (After you're married for a while, you realize that this is quite amazing since very few people remember anything about someone's song choices).  Laura's ability to choose the right music is only trumped by her amazing voice.  If I were a musical person, I'd be able to explain this with the correct terminology.  Sadly, I can't.  But, I do know that Laura's rich and powerful voice is the kind that brings the shiver, the smile, the tear.
Cara Berken.

Laura teaches private voice lessons in her home studio. Her goals for her students are to instill confidence, stage presence, increased vocal range and diction. Most importantly, she encourages her students to sing from their heart. Some of her former students wrote:

"The first day I took voice lessons, I was a shy teenager who thought my my vocal range was about 5 notes total. Right from the beginning, Laura built my confidence and worked to show me my potential as a singer. She was loving but stood strong, never letting me give up on myself. I continued to take voice lessons from her for three years, earning 4 golds at State Solo/Ensemble, and the lead in my high school musical my senior year. My vocal range stretched three octaves by this time. After I graduated from college and got a job teaching math in Appleton, I called Laura and started lessons again, and loved every minute of it. She is my inspiration and not only has awakened my voice, but my soul. She taught so much more than singing: to be confident in my abilities, not give up, and to release what is really inside my heart and put it to music. She truly is the best there is!"

Chelsea Bongert

" I started taking voice lessons with Laura in late elementary school and continued with her all the way until I graduated from high school. During that time, Laura taught me to sing a diverse array of music leading me to sing everything from classical to contemporary to Broadway. Laura's training developed my voice and my confidence in reading music - and it was really fun! Her training helped me on my way to having lead roles in musicals, winning vocal competitions, and gave me the skills to continue singing in a nationally recognized collegiate choir. I am still singing in an elite community chorus 10 years later. Whether you have been singing all of your life or you are just starting out, Laura will help bring out the best in you, just like she did for me!"

Christiana Redman